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Les éditions

Les éditions Bonsound is a music publishing company founded in 2017, based in Montreal, Canada. We offer a full range of professional and personalized services, to contribute to the sustainable development of the careers of original and authentic artists.

All that jazz

Covers to covers

En français svp

Get in the groove

Goodbyes and farewells

Good old love interest

Hip hop

Make it pop

On the rocks

Other worlds


Rainy days

Rainy days

Road songs to drive to

Stay positive

Summer in the city

Anna Arrobas

Claudia Bouvette

Joe Rocca


Lesser Evil

Les Deuxluxes

Les Louanges

Loïc April

La confrérie [S2]

The Block

Adult Swim’s Off the Air [S10]

La paix des femmes

Avec moi [S3]

Le dernier chant de la baleine

Noémie dit oui

Bête noire [S1]