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P'tit Belliveau

Alternative Country



In 2017 and 2018, P'tit Belliveau showed up with three country/bluegrass EPs with just enough offbeat electronic arrangements. Emblematic of these projects, the lo-fi signature of the Acadian producer and singer is more to be taken as a series of sympathetic clumsiness than as a consciously thought-out aesthetic choice. In 2020, he released Greatest Hits Vol.1, his first musically rich album, where banjo meets electro as if they had always been brothers, and which transcends genres and words. Pushing his musical explorations further than ever, the Acadian singer-songwriter seeks a balance between "super organic" and "hyper digital music", and launches Un homme et son piano, a second album he produced himself and which reflects an impressive variety of musical styles that animate the artist, drawing as much from country and bluegrass as from hip-hop, disco, Japanese city pop and video game music from the turn of the 1990s.