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Les Louanges

Alternative Pop



Les Louanges is the project of Vincent Roberge, a singer-songwriter with raw talent and proven musical audacity. Inspired by Frank Ocean, Robert Glasper and even Richard Desjardins, the artist offers a modern panorama of R&B, jazz and soul through an alternative pop coating, which explores different horizons without ever losing its original groove. His frontal poetry with surrealistic and sensitive images collides with a loose and casual phrasing, which crosses singing and rapping with an intuitive fluidity. Bolstered by the release of his debut album, La nuit est une panthère (2018), the opus is being celebrated by critics thanks to its refreshing musical blend, which brings the groove back to the forefront. Far from sitting on his laurels, the singer-songwriter is back at it again in late summer 2019, with Expansion Pack, an EP to be taken as "La nuit est une panthère on steroids." More free and uninhibited than ever in his compositions, the artist lays the foundation for his second album, Crash. Released in 2022, this one flirts a bit more with pop, all the while anchored in an ambitious and inventive musical quest.