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The Painters

Indie Rock



The Painters are an indie-rock group based in Montreal. A synergistic creative force, their self-produced tracks playfully refract a multitude of colourful influences – from hippie folk to synth pop to microtonal improvisations. 
At the core of the project lies Alex Bourque, whose introspective lyrics and approachable songwriting contrasts with the enigmatic sensibilities of co-producers and sonic architects Josh Boguski and Michael Halls. Boguski, known for his post-production work and his contributions to the alt-folk band Whitney K, adds a poppy yet hallucinogenic touch. Halls, a composer and improviser known for his work with post-punk groups Faux Fur and Telstar Drugs, infuses his uniquely emotional prowess into their aural vocabulary. Completing the ensemble is drummer Alex Lavoie, a classically trained percussionist who draws on his experience with Telstar Drugs and Un Blonde to imbue the compositions with rhapsodic precision.
Prepare to surrender to their experimental folk-collage, and be transported to a realm where boundaries blur, and music becomes a reflection of the human spirit.